Soulful Downtown Skylines

Running across bridges at dawn

Counting Mississippis holding my breath

Five days left, but who is really counting

Eventually everybody’s debts must be paid – one way or another

Rainbow reflections bouncing off glass signs

Fenced off vacant lots too high to scale

Soulful music suddenly plays from out of nowhere

As if my screenplay of life really needed it’s own soundtrack in the background

But I stop running for a moment, just to listen

To find myself alone in the middle of nowhere

The sun rises and peers through the downtown skyline

And I am able to find a smile on my face

And I keep running


Originally posted September 15, 2015


Forty-Seven Cranes

Forty-seven cranes

Standing, staring

Red crowns, long legs

Necks outstretched

Wings spread

As a pebble skips through the water

Forty-seven take flight

All that’s left

Are whisps of air

From their departing wings


Originally posted August 3, 2016

Sunrise Preludes

The smell of the rain

The wonderful sound of beautiful moments

The brisk feel of now

That awakens me to hope

It’s been some time now

But for the first time in awhile

I’m not fearing tomorrows

Sunrises have become preludes to new beginnings

I wonder how long this will last


Originally posted June 15, 2015