Voices at Night

Quiet of night

Sometimes scream out to me

Hands covering my ears

Voices penetrating through the cracks of my fingers


I see your face

But am unable to call out to you

Maybe it’s for the best

You wont want to hear what I have to say


One day I’ll have the courage to tell you

Tell you everything

Until then

I’ll just watch you walk away in silence


Originally posted June 13, 2015




The drift that immediately follows

Invisible, yet felt

The crevice fills with a lingering palpable silence

That a wave of a hand cannot brush away

The air turns a different shade

And for a split second

Everything stops

Waiting for your reply

Waiting for that Day

Sometimes I wish I could rewind

When I try to pull back

And hide in the darkness

It still follows me

Even in darkness

I see its shadow

In the quiet of night

I hear the sound of its breath

Its presence fills my space

One day hopefully it will fade

And release me

I’m waiting for that day


Originally posted July 14, 2015

End of Always

Epitaphs carved in fallen trees

Cracking voices singing out of tune

Flashback of lost pebbles

That meant nothing to me before

Sunken eyes after tear drops

I’ve walked these footsteps before

Descending from another time

It feels like the end of always


Originally posted June 22, 2015

Lost Apologies

Speeding through red lights

Running through shattered mirrors

Chasing fragments of lost moments

While a broken record plays in the background

A rising tide of excuses

Filling a basket with words that I should have said

Drying out my lies in the heat of the sun

Uttering the words that I should have said long ago

I’m sorry

Originally posted June 20, 2015