A Winter’s Tale of Birds Flown South

Tilted worlds that come to an end

Blindsided by whiskey pauses

Olive colored lies

Keeper of forgotten words

A winter’s tale of birds flown south

Snow angels huddled by the fire

Looking back to catch the sunset

Found memories painted with coffee stains

Night falls on unfortunate footsteps

Where all lights tend to go home


Originally posted July 7, 2015


Zazen With Buddhist Monks

Open shoji screen doors

Lead to snow covered gardens

Sitting on tatami mats

Legs folded

Eyes closed

Humming softly

Buddhist monks look on silently

Watching and waiting

Helping to find inner peace and balance

Time moves

Reaching destinations

Together we sit

Pouring cups of sake

A celebration of the new year


Originally posted July 4, 2015