Coffee Roast of Life

I hear them inside

Dancing together

A communal dance

A celebration of change

From green to brown

From brown to black

I see smoke

But am not alarmed

The smoke is part of the ritual

A beautiful sweet scent

That fuels my anticipation

For the first sip

The first taste

To fuel my day

A coffee roast of life


Catch Me If I Fall

Tripping over painted lines on the ground

Sitting on a tree branch before the break

Being chased off a ledge into a river

Jumping out of  an airplane without a parachute


Too many years going it alone

Lifting pride’s hand that forever silenced my words

Finally asking for a helping hand

Will you catch me if I fall?

Sunlight’s Revival

Sunlight illuminates through a stain glass window

Finding me at just the right moment

Colorful rays piercing through the darkness

Warm sensations awaken me

It feels like a million needles pricking my skin

Painful to the touch

But a better feeling than not feeling at all

A hand reaches out

Covers my face

And gently lifts my lids

They reach out to take my hands

Slowly helping me to rise

Guiding me on my first step

To renewal

End of Always

Epitaphs carved in fallen trees

Cracking voices singing out of tune

Flashback of lost pebbles

That meant nothing to me before

Sunken eyes after tear drops

I’ve walked these footsteps before

Descending from another time

It feels like the end of always


Originally posted June 22, 2015

Lost Apologies

Speeding through red lights

Running through shattered mirrors

Chasing fragments of lost moments

While a broken record plays in the background

A rising tide of excuses

Filling a basket with words that I should have said

Drying out my lies in the heat of the sun

Uttering the words that I should have said long ago

I’m sorry

Originally posted June 20, 2015

Sunrise Preludes

The smell of the rain

The wonderful sound of beautiful moments

The brisk feel of now

That awakens me to hope

It’s been some time now

But for the first time in awhile

I’m not fearing tomorrows

Sunrises have become preludes to new beginnings

I wonder how long this will last


Originally posted June 15, 2015

Along the Pathway

Outlines of maple leaves

Crimson colors before they fall

Intricate detail of a fallen tree

Looked at through a black and white lens

Dusty paths that curve left

Destinations hidden behind trees

Rounding the corner looking ahead

Only to find a never-ending trail

Fires crackling

Flames dancing

They lure me in

My hands outstretched

Morning chill awakens me

Deep long breaths exhilarates me

My body aches

I still rise nevertheless

I refuse to stop now


Originally posted June 12, 2015