Current of thoughts, lure me

Teetering on the edge

Sails hoisted, without your breath

A photograph, flat and still

Waiting silently



Originally posted October 22, 2015


I Can’t Catch My Breath

I can breathe

But I can’t catch my breath

I run after it in silence, a chase

Silence’s heartbeat begins to pulse

It grows louder the faster I run

I realize running won’t help me, I stop

I huddle underneath imagined tables that no one can see but me, hiding

On the ground, legs pulled up against my chest, head buried in my knees, eyes closed

And I wait

Wait for the noise to subside

It takes time, but it does

Silence doesn’t hurt anymore, for now

I can hear air in my lungs, I breathe

I exhale plumes of fear and hesitation

And I realize

I still can’t catch my breath


Originally posted September 5, 2015