Summit Conversations

Every step I hear his voice

Switchbacks, zigzagging from one memory to the next

Back and forth between present and past

My father walks beside me, still

Together we summit

Looking down at cloud tops

Leaving behind hellos, goodbyes

Placing them gently for safekeeping

Until next time, next time

Slow grateful descents, alone

Other summits in our future

A handshake, a hug

Waiting for another time to continue our conversation


Originally posted September 1, 2015


Trek’s Beginning

Orange glows behind summit’s silhouette

Brisk cold air crawling up my skin

The smell of coffee as I bring the cup to my lips

A quiet stillness only found outside city walls


I lift my pack and feel the weight on my shoulders

It hurts and feels good at the same time

Exhilaration of a trek’s beginning

Anticipation of summit view’s that take my breath away


Looking up


My first step

Here we go




Each step

Screams for me to stop

Trying to catch my breath

My lungs burn

Fighting through thin air

The load on my back

Grows heavier the higher I ascend

I ask myself why

Is it worth the pain and struggle

But the taste of destination’s end

Is addicting

And keeps me going

Step by step