She Took Black and White Photos

She took black and white photos

Her lense searching for a cure

Zooming in and out of a life that felt alone

Despite the perfect picture in a shiny frame


She took black and white photos

Because it was easier not to feel

A reflection of herself inside

Looking colorless in a mirror


She took black and white photos

Would the color ever return?

Waking each morning to capture the sunrise

Hoping one day the sun would appear


Originally posted August 18, 2015


At Sidewalk’s End

Up ahead

I see sidewalk’s end

Once far away

It crept up quickly


So many questions not asked

Forever remain unanswered 

Fear’s long sighs

Mixed with uncertainty’s lonely gaze

Flow through me

I’m searching

Someone please hold my hand

And walk by my side

So I won’t feel alone

Unbearable, my last steps 

If my shadow, my lone companion 

Walk with me

Whisper in my ear

Until I fall asleep

This very last time


Originally Posted July 23, 2015

An Ebb and Flow Ovation

Moonlight’s reflections bounce off canyon walls

My head leans back and my eyes close, as if the sun’s warmth is spreading across my face

The sound of rushing water pulls itself up, steps forward, not wanting to remain in the background

And I listen intently for the very first time

Droplets fall, currents move

The sound of a million hands clapping, an ovation

Not for one, but for both, ebb and flow

Taking quick bows, rushing off to create another moment


Originally posted October 5, 2015

Roadmaps Sketched in Pencil

Roadmaps sketched in pencil

Spray painted arrows on brick walls

Deja vu standing at crowded crosswalks

Familiar houses on streets with no names


Standing, spinning

Arms outstretched to keep from falling

Shapes blending with color palettes

Streak marked images etched deep in my mind


Stopping, stumbling

My balance kicked by gravity’s pull

Knee burns and scraped cheeks

Leaving scars in the middle of the street


Crumpled maps thrown in corners

Brick walls covered with fresh coats of paint

Turning corners instead of crowded street crossings

Voices from my past guiding me home


Originally posted August 7, 2015


She Hid Behind the Letter W

She held the letter W in her hands

Her eyes gazed forward

Her lips pursed

Behind it

She hoped it covered her wounds

Hiding them from the rest of the world

She always felt invisible

Yet believed all could see only that part of her

That she wished was buried deep

Away, unable to breathe

Never to see daylight

She hid behind the letter W

Hiding from the world

Safety not in numbers

Away from the eyes of others

In the end

She couldn’t hide from the only eyes that mattered

Trapped within herself


Originally posted July 28, 2015

A Light Still Shines

The age in his eyes

A light still shines

Moving slowly

Catching his breath

Does not capture who he is

Or the life that he has lived

Sunsets are not end of days

Just color blends breathing

Awaiting morning greetings

And brand new days


Originally posted July 20, 2015

A Season of Migration

Walking in aimless circles

With half of the yellow sun

A season of migration

Destination anywhere

Journey to the edge of the night


Fractured karma

Stolen prayers

Paper moons avoid burning candles

A reunion of familiar ghosts follow me

Sharing stories that can’t be untold


Bright lights

An alarm clock sings

A jolt opens my eyes

Looking far into the distance

The road ahead shorter than behind


White pigeons

Crimson wings

Muted sirens in the sky

A new companion for the journey

Each day is now alive


Originally posted July 31, 2015