Never Scratching the Surface

The fog of my days searching for light

The darkness of my nights seep through cracks into my days

Overlapping suggestions and impressions coexist

The “can’t seem to remembers”

Mix with “unable to forgets”

Remembering a thousand different ways

Never scratching the surface


A Season of Migration

Walking in aimless circles

With half of the yellow sun

A season of migration

Destination anywhere

Journey to the edge of the night


Fractured karma

Stolen prayers

Paper moons avoid burning candles

A reunion of familiar ghosts follow me

Sharing stories that can’t be untold


Bright lights

An alarm clock sings

A jolt opens my eyes

Looking far into the distance

The road ahead shorter than behind


White pigeons

Crimson wings

Muted sirens in the sky

A new companion for the journey

Each day is now alive


Originally posted July 31, 2015


She Took Black and White Photos

She took black and white photos

Her lense searching for a cure

Zooming in and out of a life that felt alone

Despite the perfect picture in a shiny frame


She took black and white photos

Because it was easier not to feel

A reflection of herself inside

Looking colorless in a mirror


She took black and white photos

Would the color ever return?

Waking each morning to capture the sunrise

Hoping one day the sun would appear


Originally posted August 18, 2015

The Tethered Morning Sun

Blades of grass follow the morning sun

It floats as if tethered by a balloon string, held back from flying away

Silhouettes pass against the fiery yellow and orange, one by one

And out of the corner of my eye, I catch my shadow reach out, yearning

But like the morning sun, he is tethered and remains

Like blades of grass, with eyes that can only follow

Left only to dream of what might have been

Originally posted October 19, 2015

Roof Top Running

Running on roof tops of moving trains

Intermittent leaps and bounds

Balance and timing, partners thrown together

Wind’s resistance against my face, a connection without a choice

Limited runways, a blur in time

To slide, halt or press

Questions lacking answers

No time to decide

Just go

Avalanche of Sighs

An avalanche of sighs

Falls across my path

A surge rises and covers my thoughts

Clouding my vision momentarily

Senses heightened

I allow the embrace

As changing seasons turn

I fall to my knees, surrendered

Then in an instant, it’s gone

I am by myself, but not alone

Remnants remain

The aftertaste of the moment lingers

Off Kiltered

Doorways gone sideways

Window sills turned upside down

Pathways somewhat off kiltered

Bridges sway with the sound of her voice

Yet standing still is not an option

Tilted steps forward

Which way will I go


Ascents and descents scatter the skyline

Chronicled timelines, inked highs and lows

Morning mist collected in clear jars, held up to the afternoon sun

Sunlight warms yesterday’s moments, mixing past and present

My father’s voice drifts in and out, never alone

Peaks and valley traversed

He walks by my side