The Essence of Your Voice

I teeter as I walk the line

The wind of your voice unstables each step

I stumble, barely catching myself before the fall

And I begin to realize the gap between our last glance widens with each breath

Still, the essence of your voice lingers, never to be erased

Sighs to the Wind

The curve of my line

Falls like dominos in reverse

One step leads to the next

And I find myself standing upright

Until the next sigh from the flower to the wind is released

Letting me know it’s ok to lie down

The sound of lullabies that my eyelids cannot resist

Sends pieces of peace along the jagged edges

Soothing the fall for now

Yesterday and Tomorrow

Open palms

Reveal lifelines deep and long

Tracing memories

Searching for now


Deep in silence

Fingertips inch across rings on trees

Counting years takes seconds

Where did time go


Measuring life

Longer behind than ahead

Cherishing moments

An embrace of yesterday and tomorrow


Originally posted July 2, 2020

Save Me This Moment

Outstretched hands

Lift my sights upwards

Everyone has gone someplace

Someplace I want to go


Years spending my heart to find life

Spending my life to find my heart

I hear a calling from home

Watch me away when I go


Lay down beside me until the morning rain

Save me this moment, a gift

Never knew I was lost til now

Only discovering the feeling from being found


Light Seeping In

Golden embers emit drops that search for the sky

Lanterns at midnight, cut through darkness, seeking truth and love

Fireflies circle above, scattering at the sound of your voice

Doors opening slowly, light seeping in

Thickened Layers

A surrounding haze

Embracing the grey

Compressed memories tattooed under the skin

Years of thickened layers breathe

Yet sunshine seeps in, regardless

Shining a light on the forgotten

Discovering warmth among the fog