Sighs to the Wind

The curve of my line

Falls like dominos in reverse

One step leads to the next

And I find myself standing upright

Until the next sigh from the flower to the wind is released

Letting me know it’s ok to lie down

The sound of lullabies that my eyelids cannot resist

Sends pieces of peace along the jagged edges

Soothing the fall for now


Yesterday and Tomorrow

Open palms

Reveal lifelines deep and long

Tracing memories

Searching for now


Deep in silence

Fingertips inch across rings on trees

Counting years takes seconds

Where did time go


Measuring life

Longer behind than ahead

Cherishing moments

An embrace of yesterday and tomorrow


Originally posted July 2, 2020

Roof Top Running

Running on roof tops of moving trains

Intermittent leaps and bounds

Balance and timing, partners thrown together

Wind’s resistance against my face, a connection without a choice

Limited runways, a blur in time

To slide, halt or press

Questions lacking answers

No time to decide

Just go

Reflections off the Curve

Harmony’s smooth surface

Reflections off the curve

Sunlight bounces from scene to scene

Yesterday’s mirror found in a random moment of the day


I can’t hold myself back

Stepping into photographs one foot at a time

Poloroid frames no longer fit in my hand

The feeling of yesterday all over again

Daybreak Waiting

The light at the edge of the moon

Sirens call, yet I resist the urge

It lures without lifting a finger

The sweetness of its voice is enough


It’s daybreak somewhere else, not here

I cast a line hoping to catch a glimpse

Warm rays, a welcoming embrace

Waiting, new beginnings to partake

Insomnia Again

Quiet silence

Thick enough to muffle my thoughts

But not enough to mute voices in my head


Cracks on ceilings stare down from above

Watching me watching them

Making me wonder what else is cracking inside


Dawn rests miles away

Waiting for my slow walk to fall at its feet

Step by step I keep walking into eternity

In the Air

Paper cutouts flitter in the wind

As watercolored messages blend with passing clouds

Petals cling to childhood memories, releasing melodies into the sky

Nostalgia inhaled with each deep breath