Dream Prologue

My arms stretch upward

And I feel the hint of sleep vibrate, leaving my body

With an outward stretch, the last drops of sleep fall

A puddle of fragmented scenes of a dream pools, no reflections can be seen

And I wonder, why no one is watching

I skim a flat rock on the surface, watching it skip

One, two, three, sinking on the fourth

Ripples send rings in search of the edge, but not to an end

For this is not where the story ends, this dream

The beginning of the beginning lies ahead, a long way to go

This dream a prologue to what is to come


Embrace the Restful Slumber

Heavy lids fall like rain on a stormy night

I see through the darkness by listening to the slight sounds around me

And I can’t wait for a long slumber

Needed rest fingertips away

It’s just a matter of time when it arrives to greet me

It will be heavy, but strangely, will seem fleeting, too

Much needed, for the days have been long and tiresome

Anticipation grows for the feeling of sun rays awakening me

But patience for now

Now is a time to embrace the restful slumber

And sleep

Swimming Another Day

Five AM tremors rustle my sleepless sleep

For a moment I wonder how far we will sway

Too many yesterdays spent swimming upstream

Through crowded crosswalks, dodging aimless colorless faces

Almost getting lost in the pull of their undertow 

It gets tiresome going against the grain 

To stop, lie back, with arms outstretched, floating

Drifting quietly down stream

Leaving the current to decide my path

In silence, shutting out the noise just this once 

Another tremor hits, an aftershock shakes me from quiet daydreams

With clear eyes, thoughts of floating float away

And I ready myself for another day of swimming