That Voice in My Head

The voice in my head

Sounds familiar tones, luring words

An encouragement to drift to times long gone

Another chance to grasp

A found opportunity to connect

To the ink of my past that colors my soul

Permanent, yet invisible

Except when I hear that voice in my head


Nostalgia Crossroads

Reflections linger at my fingertips

Between sighs, just enough time to inhale

Seen through my eyes looking back at me

In front of me and the back of my mind begin to blur

Then and now overlap in real time

Clouding my next few seconds, in a haze

I wait at the crossroads of nostalgia and my next breath

Not knowing which will linger longer

At a Stand Still Looking Back

Midnights in slow motion

The deafening sound of a moment turning a page

I wonder how I am able to stand so still

Yet in a split second

A blink of an eye

Yesterdays begin to pile up behind me

Unable to reach back

They fade

And I wonder if they’ve become wasted moments in time


*Originally posted June 12, 2015

Reflections off the Curve

Harmony’s smooth surface

Reflections off the curve

Sunlight bounces from scene to scene

Yesterday’s mirror found in a random moment of the day


I can’t hold myself back

Stepping into photographs one foot at a time

Poloroid frames no longer fit in my hand

The feeling of yesterday all over again

In the Air

Paper cutouts flitter in the wind

As watercolored messages blend with passing clouds

Petals cling to childhood memories, releasing melodies into the sky

Nostalgia inhaled with each deep breath