Journey to Sensoji Temple

In the distance

The gates of the Sensoji Temple rise

My heart beat quickens

But my steps remain slow and steady

As I near

The wind and thunder guardians greet me

As if waiting for me for this precise moment

I light incense and place it in a large urn

A slow smoldering smoke begins to burn

Patiently, I wait for the smoke to rise

Then cup my hands, lean forward

Bow my head

Wafting the smoke towards me

Over and over again

Smoke follows a slow current

Taking its time, flowing from top to bottom

Silently I say a prayer

For healing and forgiveness


Originally posted August 4, 2015


She Hid Behind the Letter W

She held the letter W in her hands

Her eyes gazed forward

Her lips pursed

Behind it

She hoped it covered her wounds

Hiding them from the rest of the world

She always felt invisible

Yet believed all could see only that part of her

That she wished was buried deep

Away, unable to breathe

Never to see daylight

She hid behind the letter W

Hiding from the world

Safety not in numbers

Away from the eyes of others

In the end

She couldn’t hide from the only eyes that mattered

Trapped within herself


Originally posted July 28, 2015