Avalanche of Sighs

An avalanche of sighs

Falls across my path

A surge rises and covers my thoughts

Clouding my vision momentarily

Senses heightened

I allow the embrace

As changing seasons turn

I fall to my knees, surrendered

Then in an instant, it’s gone

I am by myself, but not alone

Remnants remain

The aftertaste of the moment lingers


Off Kiltered

Doorways gone sideways

Window sills turned upside down

Pathways somewhat off kiltered

Bridges sway with the sound of her voice

Yet standing still is not an option

Tilted steps forward

Which way will I go

Window Panes

Memories taped to window panes

Sunlight streams and escapes around the edges

Shadows cast on dusty wooden floors

The silence of sunlight’s arc follows me

And I’m waiting for something to emerge

I’m just not sure what it is

Sand Dunes

Running starts, I leap

Midair, over the crest

A splash that leads into a slide

Pushing waves into landslides

Particled mist hover in the air

Providing cover for a head first tumble

A never ending roll, momentum untamed

It seemed like a good idea at the time