The essence of my yesterdays

Simmers over a low flame

Waiting for the first bubble to rise to the surface

A pinch sprinkled from above, floats

A tumble in slow motion in mid-air

A choreographed fall

Upon contact, melts

Dissolving into my tomorrows

Fusing the two as one

Interconnected, one bending the other

An unfinished work of abstract art

Never truly finished



Originally posted June 28, 2019



Simmering pork broth over a low flame

Patiently waiting for the right time to emerge

An old man behind a counter fans the flames

Rekindled coals sizzle as skewered juices drop and kiss the glow

Glasses clink, followed closely by the sound of a smooth pour

Filling the room with a hungering anticipation of what is next to come

Laughter, conversation and chatter dance in unison

Ingredients meant to intermingle, an umami of a different sort

The first sip, the first bite, the first taste

The eyes and mind already feasting, the palate waiting patiently for its turn

Friends and family gathering together

Savor and gratitude just moments away

Ja Mata

The shape of a circle

Best describes you and me

A connection without an end

Our followed paths

Always reconnecting, eventually

Our separate ways, we go

Time lapses, without concern

Pathways converge in time

So parting ways

Is never a sad goodbye

Farewells always accompanied with a smile

Intuitively we both understand

Circles, our friendship

Until then

Ja mata


It’s not what is said

Nor what is unsaid, either

My gaze offers a glimmer beneath the surface, but it’s not a tell

My walk, long strides that have traveled long roads

Strength from uphill climbs, sometimes without end

Sturdied downhill descents tested unmeasured muscles

Yet I still find one continues in front of the other, I go

A spotlight shines on the realization that I am ok

The warmth of the sun’s rays hugs my shoulders and draws me in, closer

Without words, tells me I will be fine

And I let out a sigh of relief



Crowded city streets

Long for a chance encounter

A split second glance of a familiar face catches my eye and turns my head

A sea of people swimming upstream obstructs my view

A hopeful glimpse leaves me empty handed

But the feeling of what once was floods over me

Still, a reunion takes place

The warm feeling of the past surrounds me

Hisashiburi, an embrace