An Invisible Thread

Blades of grass follow the sun, while strangers pass by on bridges without a glance, a silence is left in its wake

A man grinds seeds in a bowl, creating dust to blow out of the palm of his hand, he makes the same wish everyday

She opens her umbrella, it feels like rain, but that will not shield her from alpacas falling from the sky

The tattoo needle touches his skin, the young boy grimaces, he doesn’t truly understand the meaning of forever, not yet

An old man is unable to catch his breath, he has lived the life of a hundred men, the sound of remembering never gets old

Whispered confessions from rooftops, the wind immediately grabs her words as they leave her lips, the words are right, the feelings are wrong

Simultaneous random events, seemingly unconnected, an invisible thread ties us together, we are all the same



The essence of my yesterdays

Simmers over a low flame

Waiting for the first bubble to rise to the surface

A pinch sprinkled from above, floats

A tumble in slow motion in mid-air

A choreographed fall

Upon contact, melts

Dissolving into my tomorrows

Fusing the two as one

Interconnected, one bending the other

An unfinished work of abstract art

Never truly finished



Originally posted June 28, 2019