It’s not what is said

Nor what is unsaid, either

My gaze offers a glimmer beneath the surface, but it’s not a tell

My walk, long strides that have traveled long roads

Strength from uphill climbs, sometimes without end

Sturdied downhill descents tested unmeasured muscles

Yet I still find one continues in front of the other, I go

A spotlight shines on the realization that I am ok

The warmth of the sun’s rays hugs my shoulders and draws me in, closer

Without words, tells me I will be fine

And I let out a sigh of relief




Crowded city streets

Long for a chance encounter

A split second glance of a familiar face catches my eye and turns my head

A sea of people swimming upstream obstructs my view

A hopeful glimpse leaves me empty handed

But the feeling of what once was floods over me

Still, a reunion takes place

The warm feeling of the past surrounds me

Hisashiburi, an embrace