Puddles of Lost Voices

Falling rain

Each drop free falling faster than the next

The sound of a million needles splashing on my skin

Tiny droplets reverb in the background

A lonely melody emerges

Puddles of lost voices begin to sing

Their faint voices, distant

Burrow deep inside and stay with me

And I’m certain

There will never be a storm like this again

But I will always hear this song

Whenever it rains


Originally posted August 22, 2015


Listening to a Forest

I’ve been lost in a bamboo forest

Surrounded by tall spears of silence

Inhaling my voice

Quiet’s handprint left upon my chest


I’ve descended through cloud forests

Carving through hazy white shrouds

Below, unseen and unknown

Ears becoming my eyes, seeing more then, then on clearest of days


I’ve walked among giant sequoia trees

Safety under their looming shadows

Branches reaching out, scooping me up into an embrace

Hymns of wisdom slowly rising among their choir


Nature’s silence

Beauty’s peace

Listening, growing, living

A time to become


Originally posted October 2, 2015



A Light Still Shines

The age in his eyes

A light still shines

Moving slowly

Catching his breath

Does not capture who he is

Or the life that he has lived

Sunsets are not end of days

Just color blends breathing

Awaiting morning greetings

And brand new days


Originally posted July 20, 2015

Twilight Embrace

The feeling of dusk settles on my skin

I drift from dancing with sun rays

To humming soft melodic sighs by twilight

I find myself lured into the shadow of the moon

And I feel strangely comforted by its embrace


*Originally posted June 24, 2015