Calm’s Peace

Hanging from a clothesline, embraced by the sun

Tilted head, warmth simmers against my face

A gentle silence comforts the passing time

Pages turn slowly, seconds take their time dripping into my veins

Calm’s peace keeps me company, together sharing the afternoon sun


Waiting for the Sea Swell to Arrive

It starts only as a whisper

From a distance, under your breath

Unheard, it becomes lost in time

But never to sleep, never to lie

Quietly pushing forward, on its own time

Patience, cradled closely against its chest

The warmth of a heartbeat, bringing life

Until the sound of a fallen leaf gently touching the ground

Sets in motion a convergence of time

A long journey home, it begins

While I stand still, silently holding my breath

Waiting for the sea swell to arrive

Crossing Saved for Another Day

Outlines of hidden sounds

Roads that lead to messages written in the sand

A collection of promises turn yellow with age

Spools of fleeting thread unravel in the wind


An unlikely reunion of open doors and closed windows

Their asymmetric lyrics an endless midnight song

Orphaned mirror reflections, missing without a feeling of loss

Underground resistance, a crossing saved for another day

Nostalgia Crossroads

Reflections linger at my fingertips

Between sighs, just enough time to inhale

Seen through my eyes looking back at me

In front of me and the back of my mind begin to blur

Then and now overlap in real time

Clouding my next few seconds, in a haze

I wait at the crossroads of nostalgia and my next breath

Not knowing which will linger longer

Me On the Line

It comes from the north during winter

Weighs heavy on my mind

Deafening sounds of silence and of solitude

A test of wills, against the grind


Turn inside out, to let outside in

Thickening skin on both sides

On my own, seeking daylight

Just me on the line

Fleeting Brilliance from Shore

Secret passages betray sight and sound

What we see is never clear in broad daylight

Ashes in search of darkened songs

Peach blossom parables contrast in compare


A room made of leaves waiting for the wind

Pond swimming in the rain by moonlight

Summers choose beautiful highways into the light

A collection of brilliance fleeting from shore

Backwards and Forwards Through Raindrops

Dreams cascade like tumbling moments waiting to be captured

Watching through the rain, my mind wanders between each drop

Stillness awaits, layers of air gently rest one upon another in comforting silence

I lie in anticipation, waiting for a gentle nudge to be awakened

My backwards and forwards share the same footsteps, following me wherever I go