Puddles of Lost Voices

Falling rain

Each drop free falling faster than the next

The sound of a million needles splashing on my skin

Tiny droplets reverb in the background

A lonely melody emerges

Puddles of lost voices begin to sing

Their faint voices, distant

Burrow deep inside and stay with me

And I’m certain

There will never be a storm like this again

But I will always hear this song

Whenever it rains

Originally posted August 22, 2015


14 thoughts on “Puddles of Lost Voices

  1. There is rhythm in the rain. Depending on your mood, the song it sings can be exhilarating or downtrodden. I love how you’ve created a tangibility to the rain; the needles on skin. The drops reverbing and puddles of lost voices call out to the loneliness of the rain’s song. Beautifully executed with much sadness. Hope there’s a rainbow after this bitter storm. 🌈💗

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    1. Thanks, Rose! Your comments are always so thoughtful. Rain can bring out so many different emotions. A few days ago, it rained while the sun was shining and I thought about hope and redemption. Later in the early morning hours, it rained so hard it woke me up. It was still dark and it had a lonely feel to it. So different from the liquid sunshine I had felt earlier. It was interesting to see two completely different sides of rain in such a short timespan. Thanks again for your comments! I always enjoy and appreciate them!

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      1. You’re very welcome! Im new to here trying to find my way around! Happy I bumped into your page you have some awesome pieces. I would love to do a guest piece for you if your ever interested.

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