It’s after midnight

Pamplona greets us with open arms

Streets typically empty and silent

Not tonight

Celebration’s prelude of tomorrow’s chase


Sangria overflowing

I’m floating inside my glass

Swimming not drowning

But drowning in this glass may not be such an unpleasant thought

At least, just for tonight


Handshakes, hugs, more filled glasses

A feeling this will never end

Smiles from street to street

Greet to greet

I wonder if the bulls also have smiles on their faces right now


Dawn will awake

Sometime soon or off in the distance

I can’t tell

But at that time

I will see if my courage is there

To run through the streets

The chase of a lifetime

Or if not

Watch from the sidelines

With regret nipping at my heels


Originally posted August 1, 2015


Whiskey Haze

Whiskey from coffee mugs

A haze masked with a smile

Voices settle in the backseat, sleeping

No longer whispering in my ear, at least for tonight

A slow sip

A quick swallow

The warmth of yesterday’s footsteps trickle down my throat

As I watch sheer window curtains blow with the cool wind, silently

Sun rays try to seep in, sunrise or sunset, not quite sure which

My lids lower under the weight of a thousand pounds

And I join them in slumber, at peace for now


Originally posted September 26, 2015

Fly Away

Waiting at train stops

Watching trains wisp by in a blur

I can see their faces

Wishing one of them were mine


A black bird sings

Singing a lonely tune

Reaching out to me

Asking me to fly away


I close my eyes

Thinking of long forgotten roads

Roads that have fallen off maps

Waiting to be found


Silence jolts me from my thoughts

The train is no longer to be seen

Only the yearning remains

The black bird has flown away


Originally posted July 3, 2015


I exhale at day’s end

Causing small whirlwinds that dust-up around me

As I walk by

They leave behind trails of suggestion

Invisible, but just enough of a scent to turn heads


As I lay down to sleep

I am still not alone

I close my eyes

And before I find sleep

I pray that tomorrow

I will begin anew


Originally posted June 15, 2015

Truth According to Us

Smoke and whispers

Lost in a sea of shadows

Playing hopscotch among the fallen leaves

Racing before the rain


The truth according to us

Is a series of long goodbyes

It’s neither plain nor simple

We just accept it for what it is

Originally posted June 17, 2015