Tip Toeing Across Wet Cement

The sound of new keys added to key rings

Porch lights turned on for the very first time

Rooms filled with unopened boxes

Eating take out dinner on the floor the very first night


Fresh morning steps implanted in new neighborhoods

New faces, new places – greeted with smiles

Unfamiliar street names and storefronts before me

Leaving a trail of bread crumbs to find my way back home


Home – I like the sound of that


Inhaling new beginnings

Exhaling a breath of new life

Tip toeing across wet cement

Patiently taking my time settling in


3 thoughts on “Tip Toeing Across Wet Cement

  1. Tosh, I really liked the descriptive nature of the first two stanzas. I am so surprised that you are a new writer. You have definitely found your niche. : )


    1. Thanks, Suzanne. That really means a lot. I’ve been wanting to try writing for years, but have always been apprehensive about it. My career is very analytical, so to step out on a ledge like this took a lot. Thanks for reading and all of your encouraging comments!


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