Nostalgia Crossroads

Reflections linger at my fingertips

Between sighs, just enough time to inhale

Seen through my eyes looking back at me

In front of me and the back of my mind begin to blur

Then and now overlap in real time

Clouding my next few seconds, in a haze

I wait at the crossroads of nostalgia and my next breath

Not knowing which will linger longer


Soulful Downtown Skylines

Running across bridges at dawn

Counting Mississippis holding my breath

Five days left, but who is really counting

Eventually everybody’s debts must be paid – one way or another

Rainbow reflections bouncing off glass signs

Fenced off vacant lots too high to scale

Soulful music suddenly plays from out of nowhere

As if my screenplay of life really needed it’s own soundtrack in the background

But I stop running for a moment, just to listen

To find myself alone in the middle of nowhere

The sun rises and peers through the downtown skyline

And I am able to find a smile on my face

And I keep running


Originally posted September 15, 2015

A Single Red Thread

Single red thread

A flickering orange flame fluttering at the sound of your breath

I hold mine in, not wanting to make it dance any further, it’s already too close

Any moment now, the two will unite

And burn the only thing holding us together

And the connection will be lost forever


Originally posted October 13, 2015

I Can’t Catch My Breath

I can breathe

But I can’t catch my breath

I run after it in silence, a chase

Silence’s heartbeat begins to pulse

It grows louder the faster I run

I realize running won’t help me, I stop

I huddle underneath imagined tables that no one can see but me, hiding

On the ground, legs pulled up against my chest, head buried in my knees, eyes closed

And I wait

Wait for the noise to subside

It takes time, but it does

Silence doesn’t hurt anymore, for now

I can hear air in my lungs, I breathe

I exhale plumes of fear and hesitation

And I realize

I still can’t catch my breath


Originally posted September 5, 2015

From Time to Time I Count

From time to time I count

And discover the days ahead catching the days behind

One day these counts will change places

The days will begin to slide faster by

How many rain drops per second?

Counting breaths per moment in time

Clocking the speed at which the breeze flows

Slowing down moments, enjoying every small drip of life


Originally posted August 17, 2015