The Tethered Morning Sun

Blades of grass follow the morning sun

It floats as if tethered by a balloon string, held back from flying away

Silhouettes pass against the fiery yellow and orange, one by one

And out of the corner of my eye, I catch my shadow reach out, yearning

But like the morning sun, he is tethered and remains

Like blades of grass, with eyes that can only follow

Left only to dream of what might have been

Originally posted October 19, 2015


Off Kiltered

Doorways gone sideways

Window sills turned upside down

Pathways somewhat off kiltered

Bridges sway with the sound of her voice

Yet standing still is not an option

Tilted steps forward

Which way will I go

Fly Away

Waiting at train stops

Watching trains wisp by in a blur

I can see their faces

Wishing one of them were mine


A black bird sings

Singing a lonely tune

Reaching out to me

Asking me to fly away


I close my eyes

Thinking of long forgotten roads

Roads that have fallen off maps

Waiting to be found


Silence jolts me from my thoughts

The train is no longer to be seen

Only the yearning remains

The black bird has flown away


Originally posted July 3, 2015

Forty-Seven Cranes

Forty-seven cranes

Standing, staring

Red crowns, long legs

Necks outstretched

Wings spread

As a pebble skips through the water

Forty-seven take flight

All that’s left

Are whisps of air

From their departing wings


Originally posted August 3, 2016

A World Beyond Reach

Postcards taped to walls

Viewing the world from a kitchen chair

Sights and sounds in the background

His imagination creating vivid memories


Tales to be told

Of misadventures not to be had

Recalling conversation never spoken

Yet voices clear and vivid as if yesterday


Rustic tapas on small plates

Bottles of wine from out of the way vineyards

The pallet’s memory just as strong

Of flavors never before savored


Distant gazes interrupted

Two worlds collide, bring him back

Staring at pictures on walls

A reminder of a world beyond his reach