At a Stand Still Looking Back

Midnights in slow motion

The deafening sound of a moment turning a page

I wonder how I am able to stand so still

Yet in a split second

A blink of an eye

Yesterdays begin to pile up behind me

Unable to reach back

They fade

And I wonder if they’ve become wasted moments in time


*Originally posted June 12, 2015


Today Not a Day of Voices

Soft blades of grass

Pillowed beneath my head

My hand shields the sun from my eyes

Rays soak through the cracks between my fingers

Making me squint just a bit

No breeze to be found

The thick heat, frozen in the air

Unable to move, it waits and stares

It has all the time in the world

To sit and keep me company

It’s quiet, almost too quiet

Even if I were miles away

The sound of stillness would be the same

At least it would be on this day, today

I remain silent

Even if I wanted to speak

My lips would move

But no sound would emerge

Because today is not a day of voices, not today

There will be plenty of tomorrows to be heard

Instead I float, suspended in time

Living in just this moment while it lasts

*Originally posted August 15, 2015

Halting Time

Imprints on wheat fields

Looking up to the sky

Silhouetted hands blocking the sun

Chaff floating, attaching at the touch

Silence the color of my camouflaged surroundings

Listening to seconds fall from the sky

Gently accumulating on my chest

As if to say, it’s okay to halt time

At least just for now

Getaway to the Island of Koh Samui

White sandy beaches

Ocean scents dissolve anchors wrapped around our necks

We pledge to remove all time pieces

And let the days drip slowly by


Walks down sleepy dirt roads

An outdoor make-shift restaurant of sorts, finds us

We peruse the catch of the day

From long wooden carts lined with freshly caught fish resting on ice

So simple to point and choose

Open fire cooking emits wonderful sounds off a hot pan

We smell the sizzling aroma while we wait

Our mouths drip with anticipation


Morning sunrises

Dusk sunsets

What falls in between so lighthearted, not bonded by time

Creating memories not in high definition

Grainy 8 millimeter movies without sound etched in our heads

Freedom defined by silent smiles of the cast

Reel to reel, bookended by the orange sun

That signal the scene’s beginning and end


We know the movie cannot last forever

Eventually our watches will return to our wrists

Transported back to a world obsessed with time

But not now; now is for white sandy beaches, ocean breezes

A collection of orange sunsets to remember the beauty of our youth


Originally posted August 25, 2015


A Light Still Shines

The age in his eyes

A light still shines

Moving slowly

Catching his breath

Does not capture who he is

Or the life that he has lived

Sunsets are not end of days

Just color blends breathing

Awaiting morning greetings

And brand new days


Originally posted July 20, 2015

From Time to Time I Count

From time to time I count

And discover the days ahead catching the days behind

One day these counts will change places

The days will begin to slide faster by

How many rain drops per second?

Counting breaths per moment in time

Clocking the speed at which the breeze flows

Slowing down moments, enjoying every small drip of life


Originally posted August 17, 2015

Time Chasing

Gas tanks that fall below E

A dying ember’s faint glow

Holding my breath underwater, two minutes and counting

Falling grains of an empty hourglass


Ten miles away, a meeting started minutes ago

Locked doors, closed signs hanging in the window

Running through terminals, airplanes leaving

Standing on a platform, watching your train pull out of the station


I reach out to grab it

To hold and contain it

It eludes me

Running in the distance

Causing me to chase


A marathon’s race impossible to win