Calm’s Peace

Hanging from a clothesline, embraced by the sun

Tilted head, warmth simmers against my face

A gentle silence comforts the passing time

Pages turn slowly, seconds take their time dripping into my veins

Calm’s peace keeps me company, together sharing the afternoon sun


A Warm Taste Radiates

Staring at the sun

Feeling the burn in my eyes

I look away to blank canvas walls

To find emerging shapes suspended in mid-air, floating

Outlined in muted silence

A warm taste radiates, piercing through the lines

Face to face, holding it’s gaze, I inhale

Holding it’s life deep within my lungs

Pausing at the burn

Not wanting to exhale

The Tethered Morning Sun

Blades of grass follow the morning sun

It floats as if tethered by a balloon string, held back from flying away

Silhouettes pass against the fiery yellow and orange, one by one

And out of the corner of my eye, I catch my shadow reach out, yearning

But like the morning sun, he is tethered and remains

Like blades of grass, with eyes that can only follow

Left only to dream of what might have been

Originally posted October 19, 2015

Release the Anxious Sun

He called out

He waited, but the echo never returned

Instead he was greeted with the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end

Poking needles, a reminder of yesterday

How the sun rose in the sky, but never found the horizon to lay its head down at day’s end

The sun only waited and watched from above, trying to understand the hidden meanings that sometimes do not exist

Overcomplicating the simplicity of the moment

We are no better off reading tea leaves in a tiny cup

Floating in hot water

Steeping again and again, void of flavor and color

Drying spent leaves in the heat of the sun brings no salvation nor reprieve

They forever remain tasteless and grey

Instead, release the anxious sun, cycles need to complete

Allowing days to end, new yesterdays to birth

So a response can be heard the next time we call out


Originally posted October 12, 2015

Twilight Embrace

The feeling of dusk settles on my skin

I drift from dancing with sun rays

To humming soft melodic sighs by twilight

I find myself lured into the shadow of the moon

And I feel strangely comforted by its embrace


*Originally posted June 24, 2015

Silently Fallen

Silently the tree fell

The slow cracked sound

An aching echo

If only, somebody heard the fall

Embracing nature’s fate

Lying still, waiting for nightfall to descend

The sun’s hands cradle his head

Strokes his ancient face

Singing a lullaby

Asking for a peaceful slumber

Sunlight’s Revival

Sunlight illuminates through a stain glass window

Finding me at just the right moment

Colorful rays piercing through the darkness

Warm sensations awaken me

It feels like a million needles pricking my skin

Painful to the touch

But a better feeling than not feeling at all

A hand reaches out

Covers my face

And gently lifts my lids

They reach out to take my hands

Slowly helping me to rise

Guiding me on my first step

To renewal