Benign Release

Encased in its hardened shell, it grows

Patience and time it’s lifeblood

Sitting in silence, waiting not wanting

No rush for air or breath of light


Layer upon layer in time

A pearl of a different making

Not dangled on necks nor lobes

Weighing heavy, out of sight


Carved out, released from hiding

Scars left behind in its wake

Benign whispers lay softly down

Dripping reminders of another day


Rhythm of Leaving

After wandering for lifetimes

Letting cracked rear view mirrors shatter and scatter in the wind

No longer looking for rays of light from underneath closed doors

Finding a place to come back to

Even before that place discovered

Creating a rhythm of leaving then coming back, leaving then coming back

A return to the comfort of stillness

Until the whisper of restlessness calls my name once more

The Essence of Your Voice

I teeter as I walk the line

The wind of your voice unstables each step

I stumble, barely catching myself before the fall

And I begin to realize the gap between our last glance widens with each breath

Still, the essence of your voice lingers, never to be erased

Never Scratching the Surface

The fog of my days searching for light

The darkness of my nights seep through cracks into my days

Overlapping suggestions and impressions coexist

The “can’t seem to remembers”

Mix with “unable to forgets”

Remembering a thousand different ways

Never scratching the surface

A Slow Churn

Without notice

A moment becomes a linger

A slow churn turns while standing perfectly still

Flickering lights catch my ear

Causing wandering eyes to turn

But sauntering gazes move slowly

And connections sometimes are never met

Gone, as if never appeared

The emptiness of blown candles in the air

Silence remains in its wake

Yet I am certain it was there

Voices at Night

Quiet of night

Sometimes scream out to me

Hands covering my ears

Voices penetrating through the cracks of my fingers


I see your face

But am unable to call out to you

Maybe it’s for the best

You wont want to hear what I have to say


One day I’ll have the courage to tell you

Tell you everything

Until then

I’ll just watch you walk away in silence


Originally posted June 13, 2015


At a Stand Still Looking Back

Midnights in slow motion

The deafening sound of a moment turning a page

I wonder how I am able to stand so still

Yet in a split second

A blink of an eye

Yesterdays begin to pile up behind me

Unable to reach back

They fade

And I wonder if they’ve become wasted moments in time


*Originally posted June 12, 2015