She Took Black and White Photos

She took black and white photos

Her lense searching for a cure

Zooming in and out of a life that felt alone

Despite the perfect picture in a shiny frame


She took black and white photos

Because it was easier not to feel

A reflection of herself inside

Looking colorless in a mirror


She took black and white photos

Would the color ever return?

Waking each morning to capture the sunrise

Hoping one day the sun would appear


Originally posted August 18, 2015


The Photo Not Taken

Looking through the lens



Searching for the perfect scene

Waiting for the precise moment and light

Capture to captivate

The moment slowly begins to emerge

A change of heart

My grip loosens

Its full weight hangs around my neck

Instead I pause to let it soak in

Feeling its presence

Inhaling, smelling the simplicity

Tasting the natural beauty

As a choir sings silence in the background

An imprinted experience to last a lifetime