Stowaway Day Dreams

Stowaway day dreams

Healing across the sea

Sending postcards with exotic stamps

From half a world away


Whispered calm reassurance

Wander’s soothing voice cooing in my ear

Courage waning, hesitation growing

Catching dreams with gaping nets


No walls, nor gates

No shackles to restrain me

Invisible hands reaching out of sidewalks

Tight grips cementing me in place


Set sails, open waters

Lost horizons from the shore

Tomorrow is another day

To paint this day dream once again



Diving for Ayu Memories

Standing on a rock

Overlooking the river below

Upstream an old man is fishing for ayu

I hope my splash does not scare away the fish

I lean forward and jump

Questions about the depth of the river

Disappear as I cut through the water

The cold water awakens my senses

I don’t appreciate the freedom that youth brings

At least not at this moment

On shore the old fisherman has started a fire

Fresh ayu pierced with long sharp sticks found on the shoreline

Salted on both sides

He cooks them over the fire

Each side getting their due

He hands me a savory stick

I take my first bite

The freshness of the beautiful ayu

Is only matched

By today’s memory

A wonderful time of younger days


Originally posted August 5, 2015

The Flute Player of Sedona

A flute player danced

A desert dance to red silhouettes

Moonlight celebrations

Raining ancient melodies

That touch my ears for the very first time


Orchestral echoes linger in the air, dripping

My cup held out with both hands

Collecting drops of silvery sweetness one by one

So that I may drink and quench my thirst

And feel the life of my youth once again


Red silhouettes stand overhead

Even in the darkness, I can see their eyes

Our gazes embrace

Bringing a feeling of safety, never felt before

A silent strength transferred by its touch


As the melodies softly fade

I am released

The dance concludes

The flute player plays his final note

Forever touched by the flute player of Sedona

The Photo Not Taken

Looking through the lens



Searching for the perfect scene

Waiting for the precise moment and light

Capture to captivate

The moment slowly begins to emerge

A change of heart

My grip loosens

Its full weight hangs around my neck

Instead I pause to let it soak in

Feeling its presence

Inhaling, smelling the simplicity

Tasting the natural beauty

As a choir sings silence in the background

An imprinted experience to last a lifetime

Meandering Through Cobblestone Streets

Meandering down cobblestone streets

A walk of solitude and peace

No specific destination in mind

Strolling through a town I’m unable to pronounce


A fountain in a courtyard

Children laughing and splashing in the summer heat

Without a care in the world

Water drops of innocence fill the air


The loud chatter of a cafe

Crowded tables and smiling faces draw me in

I love the thick feeling of friendship

I inhale deeply and fill my lungs


A mother pushing a stroller

A baby’s gentle smile catches my eye

Hands and feet reaching skyward

Trying to touch soft pillowed clouds passing by


Sweet scents of fresh bread tickling my taste buds

A simple, yet unforgettable moment

Small triggers will forever remind me

Of moustached bakers in old tiny shops


Left turns, right turns

Different scenes but the feelings are the same

Freedom exploring the world

A collection of moments to bring home