Whiskey Haze

Whiskey from coffee mugs

A haze masked with a smile

Voices settle in the backseat, sleeping

No longer whispering in my ear, at least for tonight

A slow sip

A quick swallow

The warmth of yesterday’s footsteps trickle down my throat

As I watch sheer window curtains blow with the cool wind, silently

Sun rays try to seep in, sunrise or sunset, not quite sure which

My lids lower under the weight of a thousand pounds

And I join them in slumber, at peace for now


Originally posted September 26, 2015



Whispered messages

Written words on billboards coded just for me

Self-interpreted images in a gallery

Understanding cloud formations in the sky

Reading glances from strangers walking by

More difficult – reading the faces of friends and peers

Unable to shut out the voices in my head

That get louder the quieter the space

Unable to find their meaning

Difficult to trust what I believe

My thoughts are clouded and influenced by my self-image

Trapped by struggles of my own reality


Originally posted June 14, 2015

Zazen With Buddhist Monks

Open shoji screen doors

Lead to snow covered gardens

Sitting on tatami mats

Legs folded

Eyes closed

Chanting softly

Buddhist monks look on silently

Watching and waiting

Helping to find inner peace and balance

Time moves

Reaching destinations

Together we sit

Pouring cups of sake

A celebration of the new year


Originally posted July 4, 2015