Compass arrows on an old map

Telephone poles, passing one by one in the middle of nowhere

Fresh white chalk from home to first before the start of a game

Pencil marks drawn against a straight edge from point A to point B

But not everything lines up in a perfect straight line

Some things are meant to be a little bit bent

Especially me


3 thoughts on “Bent

  1. This is such a beautiful articulation of how it feels to be crooked in a world full of straight lines. It also reminds me how beautiful we are in our imperfections. Thanks.


  2. Yeah, I love the line in the song (not thinking of the name right now) ….perfect imperfections.
    I sing it to myself as a reminder that I am not perfect and no one else is either and we can love each other little imperfections and all. This helps me as I am new in the dating world and sometimes worry another will not like a mole, hair that doesn’t belong, or teeth that don’t look as white as the ones on the Colgate commercial. I force myself not to draw attention to any little blip that would be airbrushed were I a model in a magazine. : )

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