At a Stand Still Looking Back

Midnights in slow motion

The deafening sound of a moment turning a page

I wonder how I am able to stand so still

Yet in a split second

A blink of an eye

Yesterdays begin to pile up behind me

Unable to reach back

They fade

And I wonder if they’ve become wasted moments in time


*Originally posted June 12, 2015


Summer’s Grace

Lying under air’s shadow

Further than the eye can see

Falling from the edge of unforgettable

Summer’s grace sets me free

Originally posted September 29, 2015

Today Not a Day of Voices

Soft blades of grass

Pillowed beneath my head

My hand shields the sun from my eyes

Rays soak through the cracks between my fingers

Making me squint just a bit

No breeze to be found

The thick heat, frozen in the air

Unable to move, it waits and stares

It has all the time in the world

To sit and keep me company

It’s quiet, almost too quiet

Even if I were miles away

The sound of stillness would be the same

At least it would be on this day, today

I remain silent

Even if I wanted to speak

My lips would move

But no sound would emerge

Because today is not a day of voices, not today

There will be plenty of tomorrows to be heard

Instead I float, suspended in time

Living in just this moment while it lasts

*Originally posted August 15, 2015

Moments of Escape

The sound of whitewash slowly reaching the sand

Seagulls gracefully gliding overhead


Trees rustling, leaves singing a beautiful melody

Tall grass bending with the sound of the wind


Quiet buildings’ stoic shadows

Strewn from streetlights in the midnight hour


The beautiful echoes of silence

Sitting in a pew of an empty church


Bending down, closing my eyes

Smelling grapes in the middle of a vineyard


These memories of quiet moments

Such a beautiful escape

As I manage through my busy days


*Originally posted June 12, 2015