Stowaway Day Dreams

Stowaway day dreams

Healing across the sea

Sending postcards with exotic stamps

From half a world away


Whispered calm reassurance

Wander’s soothing voice cooing in my ear

Courage waning, hesitation growing

Catching dreams with gaping nets


No walls, nor gates

No shackles to restrain me

Invisible hands reaching out of sidewalks

Tight grips cementing me in place


Set sails, open waters

Lost horizons from the shore

Tomorrow is another day

To paint this day dream once again



3 thoughts on “Stowaway Day Dreams

    1. Years ago, a friend of mine and I thought about temporarily chucking our careers for a year to travel around the world. I planned the trip from LA, down to South America to New Zealand, through SE Asia. He picked up and planned through Africa and Europe and then back to the states, from east coast back to the west cost. There was a lot of day dreaming as we learned about different countries, places and people…. We never did take the trip, but the time day dreaming about it during the stressful days of work was a nice little escape to get me through the day….

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