Two AM at a Diner

Two AM at a diner

Sitting at the counter

A fan blows left, then right

Its hum blending with a radio

Singing seventies songs in the background

Hair in a bun

Tired lines of age litter her face

She scribbles my order on a notepad

Staring vacantly out the window

Thoughts of anywhere but here on her mind

The clinking sound of a man stirring his coffee

Elsewhere, yesterday’s newspaper rustles, turning a page

The bell rings as another lone customer enters the diner

We are separate

But we are the same

Outside a street lamp’s dull light

Hardly illuminates the street below

The cold cracked pavement leads elsewhere

The wind tugs at my arm

Inviting me to go

I stand

Leaving bills on the counter

My order uneaten, nor received

The sound of the bell rings again

As I leave quietly into the night


Originally posted August 2, 2015

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