The Flute Player of Sedona

A flute player danced

A desert dance to red silhouettes

Moonlight celebrations

Raining ancient melodies

That touch my ears for the very first time


Orchestral echoes linger in the air, dripping

My cup held out with both hands

Collecting drops of silvery sweetness one by one

So that I may drink and quench my thirst

And feel the life of my youth once again


Red silhouettes stand overhead

Even in the darkness, I can see their eyes

Our gazes embrace

Bringing a feeling of safety, never felt before

A silent strength transferred by its touch


As the melodies softly fade

I am released

The dance concludes

The flute player plays his final note

Forever touched by the flute player of Sedona


4 thoughts on “The Flute Player of Sedona

    1. Thank you! I just took a trip to Sedona. It was my first time there and the red rock formations were amazing! Thank you for visiting and for your comments. I really appreciate it!


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