The Photo Not Taken

Looking through the lens



Searching for the perfect scene

Waiting for the precise moment and light

Capture to captivate

The moment slowly begins to emerge

A change of heart

My grip loosens

Its full weight hangs around my neck

Instead I pause to let it soak in

Feeling its presence

Inhaling, smelling the simplicity

Tasting the natural beauty

As a choir sings silence in the background

An imprinted experience to last a lifetime


3 thoughts on “The Photo Not Taken

    1. I was trekking up a mountain and was stopping to take pictures. An older wiser person in our group stopped me and gave me some advice. He said that photos were for our friends and family back home. He suggested that I stop and soak in the beauty of the moment. Create a memory of the experience to bring back with me, really take it in – all senses. After that, snap a few pictures for people back home. I’ve never forgotten that. It was amazing advice.

      Thanks for your kind words. I’ve really been enjoying your poems. Your way with words are beautiful.

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