Meandering Through Cobblestone Streets

Meandering down cobblestone streets

A walk of solitude and peace

No specific destination in mind

Strolling through a town I’m unable to pronounce


A fountain in a courtyard

Children laughing and splashing in the summer heat

Without a care in the world

Water drops of innocence fill the air


The loud chatter of a cafe

Crowded tables and smiling faces draw me in

I love the thick feeling of friendship

I inhale deeply and fill my lungs


A mother pushing a stroller

A baby’s gentle smile catches my eye

Hands and feet reaching skyward

Trying to touch soft pillowed clouds passing by


Sweet scents of fresh bread tickling my taste buds

A simple, yet unforgettable moment

Small triggers will forever remind me

Of moustached bakers in old tiny shops


Left turns, right turns

Different scenes but the feelings are the same

Freedom exploring the world

A collection of moments to bring home


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