Sunrise Preludes

The smell of the rain

The wonderful sound of beautiful moments

The brisk feel of now

That awakens me to hope

It’s been some time now

But for the first time in awhile

I’m not fearing tomorrows

Sunrises have become preludes to new beginnings

I wonder how long this will last


Originally posted June 15, 2015


2 thoughts on “Sunrise Preludes

  1. Another one. Stunning! Sunrises are preludes to new beginnings … Wonderful statement. The simplicity of your words carry power and feeling – this is just a wonderful piece!
    So – very happy you stopped by so I could meet you here tonight, over my glass of wine. Keep writing – I’ve just been writing poetry since February and continue to be amazed at the “stitching of words” and the feelings and connections they can evoke.
    Hope you’ll meander by again – maybe over morning coffee? My usual time to meander and write šŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks, Lillian! Thank you for visiting my blog! I appreciate the kind words and I’ll be sure to stop by and enjoy your poetry again as well. I think we are on the same time clock. I also prefer the mornings with a cup of joe! Thanks again for stopping by!

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